Full time Magical Girl

Sian/17/INFJ • I want to be a fairy magical girl who is kawaii as fuck

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[maruco + colors]

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I like pretending I can draw manga sometimes. A lil piece of junk from pchat, Ren is not having a good night. Another compilation of doodles I made in pchat, lately I draw a lot of Ren because I’m trying to get used to his personality and face…. he is supposed to have a strong jaw, thick eyebrows and piercing gray eyes with maybeline mascara quality eyelashes… lol of course Im all over the place. cough.

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♡ get the flower crown & matching hair clip! 1 | 2

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Special post to celebrate the awesomeness of the 3 legendary bird Pokemon. Articuno is and will always be my favorite. (If I were to categorize them in my usual way we’d have, a frozen turkey, a deep fried chicken and a crispy duck.)

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Why hello plugsuit

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Happy Birthday Percy Jackson <3

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FInished my school assignments, finished my plugsuit (sewing anyway), now I have absolutely nothing in my way of sleeping

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Embroidered brooches by cOnieco

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2013年らくがきまとめ | nanna [pixiv]

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